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Steve Gebbia

To my friends at Formwell,

I must say goodbye, at least for now. Not because I want to, but because I cannot renew at this time. After expenses for my trip home, and the cost of new clothes, I just don't have enough left over to pay for your services. So for now, It looks like I am on my own; at least for the next several weeks.

I want to thank you for your guidance and assistance in making such a change in my health in such a very short time. A few of the benefits I've gained during the past 20 weeks are:

* reduced my weight by 42 lbs.
* reduced my body fat percentage by 7%
* reduced my waistline by over 8 inches
* lowered my blood pressure and resting heart rate dramatically
* my cholesterol is now within "healthy" limits
* built muscle - even in those areas where I've had trouble getting results in the past
* improved my breathing and my stamina
* increased my strength throughout every major muscle group - particularly through the "core"
* my energy level has been and continues to be "through the roof"

I chose to hire a trainer because, although I was familiar with most of the resistance exercises, I did not know how to combine them for an efficient and productive workout. I chose Formwell, because I was not comfortable with the trainer that I had used in the past. I stayed with Formwell because you provided everything I needed in a convenient location, and a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere.

Even though I have equipment at home, I will return to Formwell once I am financially able to do so. Working with a trainer allows me to push myself to my limits; something I cannot do safely without assistance.

Once again, thanks ... I hope to be back soon.

Steve Gebbia