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Steve Gebbia


It's that time again - time to re-up. Sign me up for another round. I've made such progress that I've had to set new and higher goals. This is precisely why I hired a trainer. For the guidance, for the concern for my safety, and for the results. It's one investment I'll never regret having made.

On that note, since it's been 16 months, I thought it was time to share a few photos.

First, the dreaded "Before" shot: taken in October 2004 just a few weeks prior to my first session at Formwell.

My vital stats were:
Blood Pressure: 150/110
Resting Heart Rate 110
Cholesterol .......... unknown (not measured)
Waist ........ (at belly) ..... 45 3/4"
Weight ...... 220
Body Fat % ..... 33%

Which will it be - the heart attack or the stroke? I believe the technical term for my condition at this time is Larda%%.


19 weeks later, in April of 2005, I went home for my parents' 50th wedding anniversary. Here's a shot taken that weekend.

Unilateral squats, what fun! And to think that when I began my regimen I had trouble balancing on one leg for more than a few seconds.

Obviously, I am thrilled with the loss of body fat. At the same time I have built lean muscle and my strength and endurance have improved dramatically. Even my breathing, which has always given me trouble, has improved considerably. In fact, I recently entered and completed a 5k race - my first in over 20 years. While I didn't set any speed records, I did beat the challenge laid down by my trainer - by a minute and a half!


More important than that is the improvement in my overall health. At last testing, a few weeks ago, I posted the following numbers:

Body Fat: 22.4%
Waistline : 33 3/4
Blood Pressure: 130/80
Resting Heart Rate: 66
Cholesterol (total) : 192

I'm stunned when I realize how far I've progressed since coming to Formwell. It struck me in particular the other day when Todd asked me to relate to one of his clients how much Cardio I did under his guidance during my first 19 weeks. Looking back it didn't seem like much at all - but that was because I was comparing it to what I am doing now. My fitness has increased to the point where what I was barely capable of doing a year ago is now hardly breaking a sweat!

For the future, I plan to run 5k a couple of times a month. At least once in an organized race, and at least once on my own. I'll probably do more than that though. So, for now as I prepare for my next career - as a fitness model - it's leaner, faster, stronger.

Take care,
Steve Gebbia