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Michael Smith


I just wanted to take a few moments of my time and thank you and the staff of Formwell for all of the help and motivation you give your clients each and every day.

In November of 2003 I discovered Formwell Fitness on the internet and set up an appointment with Chris. When I walked through the door I knew this was the place for me to be. When Chris did my assessment I weighed in at 250 lbs and today almost two years later I have lost 50 of those lbs and the changes in my body are very noticeable. I owe all of this to you, Chris and the rest of the trainers at Formwell.

To anyone that reads this I will tell you that there is a lot of hard work envolved in losing weight and trying to stay in shape. The trainers at Formwell are experts in their fields. They are there to guide you through the workouts and to keep you motivated through both the ups and downs during this process. Each trainer not only motivates their own personal clients but also other clients who train at Formwell. They are always offering words of praise, they always maintain a great attitude and in my opinion are the very best.

My own trainer is Chris Engels. I owe a great deal to Chris because he has helped me every step of the way in my quest to lose weight. I am sure it has not been an easy time for him as I, like many others, go through highs and lows in my attitude, but Chris is always there with his upbeat attitude, wisdom, and smile to turn the lows into highs. I know that sometimes I give him a hard time, (ok all the time), and he probably thinks that I don't really listen to what he says, but I can assure you that I do. I wouldn't be where I am today if I had not listened to Chris. He has helped to better my life in ways you cannot imagine. Whenever people come up to me and tell me that I look great, I have lost a lot of weight, and to keep up the good work, I always give all the credit to Chris. He deserves it. He has done a great job with me and his many other clients. I look forward to the changes he will help me to bring about in the future.

I will say to others that if you will listen and follow your trainer's advise, you too will achieve much success in your goals. The trainers at Formwell are again experts in their fields. They make the Forwell experience a great one and if others have not told them I will say "Thank you all very much. You do an excellent job."

In closing I would like to say that Formwell Fitness is A GREAT PLACE TO BE. The atmosphere is wonderful and comfortable. You feel as though you belong regardless of whether you have been there 1, 2, 3, or more years or if it is your very first day. Everyone makes you feel welcomed. It's like being around family.

Thanks again,
Michael Smith