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I wanted to let you know that my training sessions with you at Formwell have ended. I will not be able to pick up another group of sessions at this time. The last few weeks have been extremely trying for me - mentally and financially - and although I would love to continue it just isn't feasible at this time.

Thank you so much for the time you spent with me. I haven't felt this good in quite some time and the boost to my self esteem was incredible. You were great and I'm glad I was given the opportunity to train with you. The training also gave me the incentive to work out on my own and I intend to keep that going.

You seemed to take an interest in me personally along with my training and I really appreciated that. I felt that you cared about me and what went on in my life. I thought that was important because it's all is related in the end.

I really enjoyed my Formwell experience and if the opportunity presents itself again I will be back. If I'm lucky you might still be there!

Best wishes to you and good luck in medical school. I know you will be successful.

Thanks for everything,