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J. R. Baron


When Jessi Prahl informed me she had applied for and was accepted for an Athletic Trainer Fellowship, I was not surprised.

I have been working with her since the last week of September 2006 (eight months) and have been the recipent of her professionalism and knowledge. She is the perfect person to receive this Fellowship.

Through her guidance, I have lost fifty plus pounds, been released by my doctor from blood pressure medicine, had my choloestrol reduced by almost fifty percent as well as having to increase my clothing budget as my clothes no longer fit.

She has inspired me to take a more positive interest in my physical well being and, to be quite frank, I enjoy the workouts. I have even taken part in a 5K event which I have never done before. Now I am working out five days a week, taking extended walks around Stone Mountain, etc. I don't know why I waited so long to get started and at 65 years of age I needed to get healthy again.

Needless to say, having Jessi as my trainer for eight months, I will miss her a lot.

Jessi, in my opinion, has left FormWell with a legacy of professionalism, knowledge and ability. I am sure that all who know her will miss her too.

Thank You
J. R. Baron