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Dr. Donald Sears

This is written to express my support of Mr. Rami Odeh. Rami has been my
personal trainer for 3 years , during which time he has trained me for 1
hour, three times a week. Our training sessions have predominantly consisted
of 1 hour of weight training, preceded by a 15 minute warm up, and followed
by 15-30 minutes of cardio. During the three years, my strength has doubled
and my bodyfat has decreased by greater than 30%.

I feel that Rami has been an excellent trainer in many aspects. He shows
great professionalism during the sessions, and manages to continually
motivate me. One of has many strengths is that he goes to great lengths to
make sure that I follow a proper nutritional and cardio program on the days
when I do not train with him. Rami has extensive knowledge in exercise
physiology and nutrition, and he manages to convey that information to his
clients. He continually strives for excellence in proper exercise form to
prevent injury, and I am glad to say I have had no injuries during the last
three years. I am a physician, so that I feel that I am able to accurately
judge his expertise in the areas of nutrition, anatomy, and exercise
physiology. In addition, Rami is a very moral and ethical person, and
therefore he is a superb representative for the personal training field.

In summary, I feel very fortunate that I was able to meet and train with
Rami. I would not have accomplished even a small fraction of my fitness
goals without his assistance, motivation, and friendship. I plan on
continuing to train with him for many more years (if he can tolerate me),
If you would like to discuss these matters further with me, please do not
hesitate to contact me at (770) 396 9349