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Rami, I wanted to take a moment to provide feedback to you on my personal assessment of Formwell and how Formwell continues to help me obtain my training goals. I decided to join Formwell in August of 2009 and have not looked back. I believe that investing in your health is important and for me personally the following have helped me to achieve my goals:

The personal training relationship that I have developed with Chris Engels. I have found that Chris just gets me. He understands when and how to push me and does not let me get ahead of myself or my goals making each goal I set attainable. I am often asked why not learn the training methods and then join a gym and do it yourself. Financially, this is a good argument but I am a firm believer that business is done based on building solid relationships and producing the desired results. Both of these have been met.

The one on one personal training. I know that many of the other clients have training partners but for me I find that the one on one training helps me focus and stay on task. I have done partner training before on a limited basis (at Formwell and elsewhere) and I find it is easier to cheat because the trainers eyes are not always on you :)

The training programs that Chris has developed for me has helped me with my running goals and has helped me get physically stronger. Both of these aspects have helped me in my job which is working in Human Resources for a major organization dealing with employee relations issues that can be very stressful.

Now on to the results:

I have lost some weight and am continuing to lose weight by focusing more on my diet with the help of Chris.

The positive physical wellness has helped my mental wellness which translates to better results in my work and personal life.

I have PRed on my 1/2 marathons. I ran the ING 1/2 in 2009 and my time was 2:57:00. This year my ING 1/2 time was 2:34:00 which is my current PR and I expect the times to get better.

I am running more consistently without having to stop for walk breaks and had a PR on my 10K time this past weekend with a time of 1:05.

I am bench pressing 225 pounds several times. This was weight I used to workout with when I was in college and this was a weight that Chris slowly built me up to. Last week when he told me it was time for 225 pounds, I felt like I was 16 years old again and just got my driver's license. I told all my friends that morning of my accomplishment. My old college room mate and workout partner was impressed!

I am squatting 265 pounds (as of this am!) which was weight I used to lift in college. Again, this was weight that Chris slowly built me up to.

At a recent doctor's visit, I had a physical and I explained to my doctor that I had been seeing a personal trainer on a regular basis. My blood work came back and my cholesterol was down and he lowered my blood pressure medication.

For all this I am thankful.